We provide quality parts and services for a wide range of industries; we do not specialize in one industry but rather are specialists in providing manufacturing solutions for complex machining needs.


We strengthen and support the continued growth in the aerospace industry by offering precise and innovative components parts. We understand in this environment factors like tight tolerance, durability, efficiency and quality have a significant impact on the operations for our customers. We can work together to provide key solutions to suit your requirements.


We are proud to support our nation’s defense. Our state-of-the-art technology and growing team of specialists allows us to offer turnkey custom solutions with unparalleled quality when you need it most. Working with defense we know it’s important to find a manufacturing partner who can work with you to improve efficiencies, reduce build time, and exceed regulatory requirements. We’re confident we can do that for you.


We understand the Automotive industry is evolving at a fast pace and our ability to offer rapid prototyping has been a huge benefit to many of our customers. From individual components to full assemblies we are here to optimize your solutions and help improve your time to market.

Industrial Tools and Accessories

We manufacture top quality tools and accessories for a wide variety of industries. We can execute on any design necessary to help you acquirer what you need to get the job done. We specialize in manufacturing excellence and as we continue to grow and expand our capabilities in this sector, we are committed to new and innovative solutions to create better efficiency and lower costs.

Industrial Machinery

Hart Industries manufactures precision machined component parts for industrial machines. We understand these machines must work hard, non-stop throughout a long production day. That is why we focus on longevity and durability when it comes to determining project specific solutions. Consult with one of our specialists and see what benefits we can bring to your team.


In an industry that is constantly evolving we know the importance of having a partner with the ability to work on customizable solutions. Medical Manufacturing requires strict quality control and impeccable precision machining, we’re confident Hart Industries is the right fit for you. Our goal is to provide your company with cost effective solutions that improve patient outcomes.


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