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Your complete manufacturing partner. We deliver the best possible manufacturing solutions to all of our customers. With our high-quality processes and state-of-the-art solutions, you get your products exactly when you need them.

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Hart Industries was founded by a third-generation machine shop owner whose dedication to streamlining the manufacturing process from start to finish laid the groundwork for who we are today. Our company brings our expert machining knowledge to the table every day, working closely with our customers to put value into each part we produce. Working as a strategic partner, Hart Industries is able to deliver precision-machined components of the highest quality, in a timely manner, and at the most cost-effective price. We have worked successfully with a wide range of clients and industries, and we pride ourselves in continuously delivering the highest quality to all of our customers. In recent years, Hart Industries has welcomed a new president with strong ambitions to take our machining excellence to the next level. As a combined force, we took our passion for manufacturing and our strong business mindset to create a well-rounded business model that will benefit each and every one of our clients. Our main goal here at Hart is to focus beyond the conventional approach to manufacturing while providing continually outstanding quality and exceptional customer service. We strive to be a complete manufacturing partner for our clients. We know we’ve become a trusted industry partner in the manufacturing sector, and we value that positioning above all. We’re excited for the future and to be a part of perfecting the manufacturing process.
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Get to know the Hart Industries leadership team

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown is the President of Hart Industries. With a background in customer service, business development, project management and strategic growth, Lisa is continuously improving the company’s quality management systems and committed to taking Hart to the next level by reinventing the manufacturing process. Lisa serves on the Executive Team of a scaling company taking it from $3 to $60 million in revenue, and is known in the industry for her motivation and success. She is also a member of SBA Woman Owned Small Business and enjoys playing volleyball and traveling in her spare time.
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Paul Hartigan

Paul Hartigan is the Production Manager and Founder of Hart Industries. He has experience in project management, lean processes, supply chain, CAM programing and business management. Paul is a third generation machine shop owner dedicated to streamlining the manufacturing process from start to finish. Over the past three decades, he has worked with automotive, defense, aerospace and industrial markets building an extensive network of relationships. Paul enjoys restoring old VW cars and golfing when he’s not at Hart Industries.

Core Values

Our goal is to make sure our companies behaviors and decisions align with our values. We believe our values define our companies personality and provide overall stability to our team. When looking for a manufacturing partner its important our values align allowing us to create long lasting relationships.
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We are one company, one team. We understand when we work together we work smarter and not harder. We trust and encourage one and other, communicate openly and honestly, and work together in synergy to achieve our goals.
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We treat others as we expect to be treated, showing consideration for those around us. We embrace individuality and recognize the achievements of ourselves and others.
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We appreciate where we have come from and the opportunities we are given to continue our journey. We are grateful for our coworkers, community, vendors and customers who without we would not be where we are today.

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